Legal terms

With the submission of your shortfilm Bluepingu e.V. obtains the right to copy the shortfilm for archieving purposes and to use parts of the movie or pictures for internal purposes. The use of the shortfilms through Bluepingu e.V. is strictly non-commercial and non-exclusive and does not limit the rights of the movie makers to use their shortfilms for their own purposes. The moviemakers retain the right to publish the movies after the end of this competition (February 13th, 2014). The organizers do not claim rights of ownership for the contributed shortfilms. All rights of the makers of the shortfilms remain with the producers. Personal data will be used exclusively as part of the competition and will not be given to any third party without prior approval through the participants of our competition.

If not otherwise declared, the producers of the shortfilms provide with the participation in this competition the permission to the festival organizers to publicly broadcast the shortfilm as part of the festival and to produce a movieroll with the winning shortfilms for the award ceremony. This includes also the right to present the shortfilm on the festival homepage The presentation of the movies on the festival homepage is not mandatory.

The producer of the shortfilm declares with the submission that there are no rights of third parties on their contribution. All actors that contributed to the shortfilm have to agree with the submission of the shortfilm to the festival. All rights on music and pictures have to be cleared by the movie maker. The movie makers confirm with their submission and participation that all rights have been obtained. The festival organizers do not contribute to any cost of AKM, GEMA or other rights organizations. The participants confirm, that all required for the music will be covered by the movie makers, should it not be free of licence fees.