Laudatio zu “Mit Essen spielt man nicht”

1st place : Mit Essen spielt man nicht

Laudator Jan van den Berg

And now the best film.

The themes of dream, space and value, that are hidden in the title of this Bluepingo competition, some wonderfully together in this short film, an ode to fantasy, ànd action.

In her own space, a children’s playroom, Frida, a young girl creates a phantasy machine that produces food and divides it in a way she herself has thought it to be divided.

Without moralizing, so often spoiling the good intended environmental films we’ve seen in recent years, Frida goes beyond the questions she asked her mother and that are never answered. She has made her conclusions and starts working.

We see a choreography of a polluting car, the cutting of trees, fishing machines, the transport of pigs and food production being wasted. Together with the music it ends up in a beautiful fairytale

As if trying to understand this by playing, the girl gives these elements a place in her dream for a better world.

The winner is: Frida, by Katherina Langer and Anna Stohdreier